About us

The German Cyclists Association (Der Allgemeine Deutsche Fahrrad-Club e. V.) represents the interests of everyday and recreational cyclists nationwide. The ADFC is a nonprofit organisation with more than 145,000 members throughout Germany.

The ADFC Berlin e.V. is the state division with the most members, over 16,000. Our mission is to promote the most environmentally friendly form of mobility, the bicycle, and encourage even more people to travel by bike. Through a wide range of activities and political targeted lobbyism, the ADFC Berlin improves the conditions for the Berliner cyclists. Every year the ADFC Berlin organizes the Sternfahrt, which is the world’s largest bicycle demonstration with more than 90,000 participants.

Contact information

Yorckstraße 25

10965 Berlin Kreuzberg


Tel. +49 30 448 47 24

Fax +49 30 44 34 05 20